What Types of Services will I receive?

Wood & Huston Bank’s Trust Department provides a full range of services to meet your needs.  We have access to professional services of attorneys, accountants, tax professionals and real estate appraisers, and will handle the confusing world of probate processes.

Depending upon your long-term plans, you can select from the following:

  • Trust Accounting Statements
  • Schedules of Trust assets with cost, market value, and estimated income
  • Court accounting report preparation
  • Safeguarding of real estate, jewelry, and other diverse assets
  • Obtaining proceeds of life insurance policies
  • Settling all debts, taxes, and other expenses
  • Fulfilling legal obligations pertinent to the will and the estate
  • Analyzing complex tax related matters
  • Ensuring  beneficiaries are notified and informed of their interests
  • Distributing assets after the settlement of the estate
  • Provide for the safekeeping of all assets and acquire insurance if appropriate
  • Arrange for appraisals of farms, other real estate and personal property
  • Pay and document expenses
  • Analyze and manage the investments
  • Collect and reinvest all income
  • Maintain accounting records and provide information for tax returns
  • Pay specific bequests and make final distribution as directed
  • Transfer ownership of assets
  • Prepare accounting documents