Roth IRA

You know as well as we do that it's never too early to start planning. Our Roth IRA lets you avoid taxation on interest earned for the money you save today! Best of all, there are no administration or setup fees.


  • Interest tax-free if certain rules are met
  • Fixed-rate retirement account
  • Minimum based upon investment vehicle chosen
  • No tax-deductibility of contributions
  • Up to $6000 contribution if under age 50
  • Up to $7000 contribution for age 50 and greater
  • Withdrawals can begin after satisfying a five-year waiting period and after age 59 1/2 
  • No required minimum distributions ever
  • No setup or administration fee
  • FREE Online Banking


*Important 2020 IRA Changes and how it affects you.

  • More rapid payouts to non-spouse (and other) beneficiaries, eliminating "stretch" IRAs.

Learn more about all the 2020 changes at