Missouri Banking for over 145 years

Joseph Huston, Jr., great-great grandfather of our present Chairman, and William Wood operated a trading and transportation business in Arrow Rock, Missouri.  Arrow Rock is a flint-bearing, high limestone bluff that first appeared on a 1732 French map noted for its arrowhead rock. It became a prosperous Missouri river trading village in the 1800’s as the Lewis and Clark expedition passed by and later on the route followed by the Santa Fe Trail.

In 1874, Mr. Huston and Mr. Wood moved 15 miles west establishing a Bank in the town of Marshall adapting to technology change at the time rail transportation was overcoming steamboats. Wood & Huston Bank became well known for its local, personal service and banking expertise.

Over the years, Wood & Huston Bank expanded its delivery of personal attention and banking expertise into the Missouri communities of Cape Girardeau, Higginsville, Jackson, Sedalia, Springfield and West Plains.

Today the 5th generation of Hustons and all of our employees personally serve customers while proudly raising their families in our communities.  The commitment to banking in the future and positive, progressive involvement in our community is reflected in just a few words, "We're here for good."

Each Wood & Huston community location is today and continues into the future with our rich history of local authority in loan and deposit decisions allowing true, personal service for you, in your community. We're here for good.


Personal service is a legacy that has been passed from generation to generation in the communities Wood & Huston Bank serves. As a community member, we serve in civic leadership and philanthropic capacities. As an independent, full-service community bank, we provide financial services and banking expertise in a manner consistent with the changing needs and demands of our local customers.

Over 145 years after our founding, times are still changing and technology is driving many new products and banking channels. Today, we offer sophisticated financial and banking services in the bank, at the drive-thru, through ATMs and video tellers, electronic banking and mobile devices; however you want it, 24-hours a day.  What sets us apart, we still deliver our products and services with the flexibility and personal attention, to you.