Online Security



Strengthen Your Online Security Now

Gain greater online security with online banking protection software from nProtect provided by Wood & Huston Bank at no cost to you.

  • Help to protect confidential information against identity theft and fraud.
  • Supplement defenses against threats that antivirus and firewall solutions may not detect or remove.
  • Gain additional comfort in online protection that is easy to use and requires little maintenance.

When it comes to online fraud, sometimes antivirus and a firewall aren't enough of a deterrent. Criminals are always on the lookout for ways to bypass these defenses, making your personal information vulnerable. To help you protect yourself online, Wood & Huston Bank has arranged for you to download an additional type of security software, called nProtect, at no charge directly from the financial security experts at nProtect.  nProtect is a security software application that provides additional online identity theft and online transaction fraud protection.

What is nProtect?

nProtect is a lightweight online banking protection software that delivers increased security while you're using our website to help protect your confidential information against identity theft and fraud.

  • FREE for Wood & Huston Bank customers with no registration or commitment
  • Quick one-time download and is easy to use with no effects to system performance
  • Updates & scans automatically and requires little maintenance
  • Works alongside your antivirus and firewall software, but does not replace these valuable tools

How does nProtect strengthen online security?

  • Works alongside your existing anti-virus software and firewall
  • Works to prevent malware and fraudulent websites from stealing your username, password and other sensitive information
  • Secures your browser down further to prevent malicious browser tampering designed to have you surrender personal information or approve fraudulent transactions
  • Blocks key logging and screen capturing attempts of sensitive website pages such as the login and money transfer pages
  • Protects against sophisticated financial malware and online threats your anti-virus software cannot detect or fix
  • Warns you if you accidentally visit a fraudulent website that looks like Wood & Huston Bank
  • nProtect activates only when you visit Wood & Huston Bank’s website.  When you visit our website the nProtect icon will change color from orange to green.

Nprotect Protected

Need Help?

  • For any questions or concerns, please contact Wood & Huston Bank at (660) 886-6825 x7777
  • For additional support, visit the nProtect support page
  • For more information on online fraud, visit our linked page for security