My Receipts


Never hunt for a receipt again!

Keep all your receipts in your back pocket. Save and organize your receipts digitally using the Number 1 rated Wood & Huston Bank Mobile App.

It pays to be prepared. 

Overstuffed wallets and envelopes of faded receipts are messy.  Imagine never missing a return window or tax claim, or ever exceeding your monthly budget. There’s value in saving your receipts and tracking where your money is going. You deserve a better solution.

Now, you can simply snap, save, and go.  Gain peace of mind that your receipts are securely stored in your mobile banking app. 

  • Capture paper and email receipts
  • Group expenses in categories,  custom folders, add notes or tags for easy lookup later.
  • Return & Warranty Reminders – be reminded of lapsing return or warranty periods
  • Receipt Export – Convert and send receipts along with key information

 How does it work? 

  1. Login to your Wood & Huston Banking App.
  2. Select Receipts from the “More” menu
  3. For paper receipts, simply snap a photo. For email receipts, simply forward to your My Receipts email.
  4. Tag the expense as Business or Personal, add notes, tags or add to a folder
  5. Save your receipt