Commercial Standby Letters of Credit

Wood & Huston Bank offers standby letters of credit for its customers that have a need to guarantee performance for a specific dollar amount. Examples where performance guarantees may be required could include:

  • Performance of contracts
  • Establishment of trade limits
  • Substitution for cash deposits
  • Bid bonds or performance bonds
  • Repayment of a loan
  • Reinsurance or self-insurance obligations

We provide the financial guarantee your vendors or customers require to let you move forward with your business.


All credit products are subject to credit approval. Environmentally sensitive properties may require an environmental insurance policy. Property located in a flood zone may require flood insurance.

Ways to Make Your Loan Payments

Beneficial Ownership

Your business relationship is important to us.  Our goal is to make your business account-opening process as efficient and enjoyable experience for you. Here is what you need to know before opening a business account.