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Online Banking

Business & Agricultural Lending

Line of Credit

Lines of Credit allow you to make additional purchases without making a new loan each time. You can even advance or pay down on your line over the phone or using Wood & Huston's secure Business Online Banking.


  • Available as Revolving or Non-Revolving
  • Revolving works as a one-time loan that can be paid down and reused
  • Rates based on economic and monetary conditions
  • Terms based on collateral, risk, account balances

Term Loans

Term loans are available to purchase or refinance machinery, equipment, vehicles, stock and inventory with the right payments and rates to match.

Real Estate & Building Loans

Need additional property to build on, add buildings or refinance? Wood & Huston Bank has flexible terms and competitive interest rates to meet your needs.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leases are available for equipment and machinery to keep your working capital from being tied up in fixed assets. A down payment is not necessary, so you can get the equipment you need when you need it.


Ways to Make Your Loan Payments