Equifax Data Breach

You should assume that your data was compromised regardless of what any tool tells you.  Even if your data wasn't compromised this time, ID fraud is on the rise, so it's better to be prepared for a potential data whether you were impacted by the Equifax data breach or not.

We hope that you have not been impacted, but know that we strive to offer innovative services to keep your banking secure as we continue to be made aware of the risks associated with protecting your personal information and data security.  The following information provides you with a few steps we are taking and tips from the FDIC for you to help guard against identity theft and prevent online fraud.

  • Immediately obtain a credit report from one of the three credit bureaus (Experian, Trans Union, Equifax) and review it carefully to see if you have fallen victim to abuse of ID theft.
  • Sign up for credit monitoring.
  • Place alerts of your credit card accounts so that you are getting routine email updates about credit card balances and transactions. Normally you won't see immediate use of your stolen data, it may take months to years.
  • Place a fraud alert on your credit record if it is determined you have fraudulent activity.
  • Put a freeze on your credit report.  Note: unfreezing your credit can be difficult, so make sure this is the right step for you before proceeding.  For Example, you don't want to freeze your credit if you are planning on applying for a loan or moving soon (you need your credit for many things, such as setting up utilities at your new home, switching cell phone contracts, applying for a job, etc.)
  • File your taxes as soon as possible next year, especially if you normally get a refund.  Tax fraud is on the rise so if your information has been compromised you want to file before a fraudster beats you to it.
  • Upgrade to a SmartSecure Checking for maximum identity theft protection.
Benefit Offered Equifax



3-Bureau Credit File Monitoring yes yes
Equifax Credit Report Provided yes yes
ID Fraud Reimbursement yes yes
Social Security Number Scanning for you yes yes
Experian Credit Report Provided no yes
TransUnion Credit Report Provided no yes
Social Security Number Scanning for your family no yes
Name, Address and DOB Scanning no yes
Fully-Managed Identity Theft Resolution Services no yes